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CrapRemover (Beta) versus AskToolbar

More testing footage. Not fully successful but getting there!

I should be finished with this project within the week.

How To Completely Remove The Ask Toolbar From Windows 7

This tutorial will show you how to remove the Search By Ask Toolbar from Windows 7.
Alexander 33212 : this is hard
Tomek : Thank you!
akhtar nawaz : thank you thanks you sooo muchhhhh
Cum stain : THANK YOU <3
asrul : oh god, thank you so much...this is very helpfullllll
Tod Syp : Thanks, this removal helped you're my hero :D!
Marinos : Thanks a lot! Very helpful!
Gary Ferguson : It did not appear that you actually opened another tab after you closed and brought back Chrome to make sure that Ask was gone from the tab after "Astonishingly, Ask is still opening...". Also is AdwCleaner free? My Ask tab is still showing up with Firefox as well.
Natasha Reweti : thank you, nice clear instructions - ask has been doing my head in!

How to remove (Ask toolbar uninstall guide)

The Ask Toolbar helps you search the Web directly from your browser and provides convenient tools and links to make your Web surfing more enjoyable and productive! search and related toolbars are classified as potential unwanted programs which are promoted and spread via other free programs.It changing original homepage and default search provider to,,, or other similar websites.Sus as:\u0026p2=^ZR^xpt380^YYA^my\u0026ptb=3F0BD5A9-BB27-41E1-9EAA-74DC80A2C62E\u0026si=

It's easy to get's toolbar installed on your browser—even if you didn't want it—but it's quite a challenge to remove.
1. Control Panel - Uninstall a program

Help at:
Ahmed Nouhida : j veux recharger mon gps tom tom xl liv
Diingo Lefterz : TNX!!
Lilylibra : Really need to know how to do this, but I couldn't keep up.  Moves were so rapid.  Would have helped if it had ran a little slower.
Blue the Mobster : hi! love your videos, but i have a problem, this program called luckyleap is taking all my browsers! help




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